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UFO is a 1970 British television science fiction series about an alien invasion of Earth. A single season of 26 episodes (including the pilot) was filmed over the course of more than a year; a five-month production break was caused by the closure of the MGM-British Studios in Borehamwood, where the show was initially made. Production commenced at Pinewood Studios at Iver Health, Buckinghamshire, UK - approximately 17 miles (27 km) west of central London.

NB: Previously published broadcast dates from only a single region has led to widely published statements that certain episodes (The Responsibility Seat and The Long Sleep) were not transmitted until 1973 because of their 'adult' content, yet both episodes were shown as part of Anglia's first run of the series in 1971. and only The Long Sleep was considered to be too 'adult' to be shown before 11.00pm.

ATV from the 16th of September, 1970.
Border from the 16th of September, 1970.
Midlands from the 16th of September, 1970.
Tyne-Tees from the 16th of September, 1970.
Anglia from the 2nd of October, 1970.
Southern from the 20th of February, 1971.
Yorkshire from the 17th of April, 1971.
Granada from the 17th of July, 1971.
Grampian from the 17th of July, 1971.
London Weekend Television from the 18th of September, 1971.

UFO Episode Viewing Lists
● Production:
 The Century 21 UFO production order.
ATV: The "Official" ITC UFO Episode sequence. This is the sequence originally scheduled to be broadcast in the UK by ATV Midlands.
UFO Series: The recommended order by Marc Martin of UFOSeries.com.
Fanderson: The recommended viewing order by Fanderson.org.uk and used on UK DVDs.
ITC: The viewing order used for VHS release in the UK.
UK airdate
Identified16th September 19700101010101
Computer Affair15th May 19710221020216
Flight Path20th January 19710315030315
Survival6th January 19710413060503
Exposed23rd September 19700502040402
Conflict7th October 19700604050604
The Dalotek Affair10th February 19710717070714
A Question of Priorities14th October 19700805080805
Ordeal24th April 19710919090907
The Responsibility Seat8th March 19731025101017
The Square Triangle9th December 19701110111106
Court Martial1st May 19711220121210
Close Up16th December 19701311131309
Confetti Check A-O.K.10th July 19711422141411
E.S.P.21st October 19701506151508
Kill Straker!4th November 19701607161612
Sub-Smash11th November 19701708171713
The Sound of Silence17th July 19711823181819
The Cat with Ten Lives30th September 19701903191918
Destruction2nd December 19702009202020
The Man Who Came Back3rd February 19712116212121
The Psychobombs30th December 19702212222222
Reflections In The Water24th July 19712324232324
Timelash17th February 19712418242426
Mindbender13th January 19712514252523
The Long Sleep15th March 19732626262625
The Patriot not produced/filmed