Alien Vehicles and devices

Here is a list of the alien vehicles and devices seen in episodes of UFO.
Last updated: Tuesday, 11th of May 2021.

The Alien vehicles and devices seen in episodes of UFO

Here is an itemised list of all the alien vehicles and devices seen in episodes of UFO.  Over time, I will update all the information on each section, and also add new images from each appropriate episode of UFO.  Should you become aware of items I may have missed, misinterpreted or misspelt, please let me know by clicking HERE...

03 'Flight Path' An Alien electronic probe (mind-control device) inserted into Medic Dawson's temple.

04 'Survival' An Alien projectile hits the Moonbase leisure sphere window, and causes a fatal decompression.
04 'Survival' An extremely small air supply canister connected to Col. Foster's air supply by the alien.

06 'Conflict' Alien de-orbital destruction device.

07 'The Dalotek Affair' Crater 236 based Alien radio jamming device.

08 'A Question of Priorities' An Alien UFO escape capsule.

08 'A Question of Priorities' An Alien high-powered transmitting device.
17 'Sub-Smash' An Alien underwater/airborne attack vehicle.
18 'The Sound of Silence' The Alien body cannister.
23 'Reflections In The Water' The Alien 'flying fish' weapon.
23 'Reflections In The Water' The Alien underwater dome and power cable.
24 'Timelash' Time-freezing device 'hidden in a Monitor' on one of the SHADO Control desks: later destroyed by Commander Straker.
25 'Mindbender' Alien 'Mind bending' modified Moon diamond rock.
26 'The Long Sleep' An Alien explosive device.

UFO's invading Earth

UFO Episode #6: "Conflict"
An Alien orbital diversion device hidden in Earth's orbit

The S.H.A.D.O. Lunar Module #32 is destroyed along with pilot Steve Maddox (Drewe Henley) and navigator (David Courtland) after an alien diversion device hidden beside some NASA space debris (Apollo 8: Dec 21st, 1968) in earth's orbit (at approximate orbital altitude of 306.2 miles) attaches itself to their Lunar Module. Their programmed angle of attack into Earth's atmosphere is 6.58 degrees. But, the Alien device adjusts their Lunar Module to a much more dangerous angle into Earth's atmosphere, and as a consequence the Lunar Module starts to burn up and is ultimately destroyed killing the crew.

Colonel Paul Foster decides to fly another S.H.A.D.O. Lunar Module (#29) on exactly the same course as Steve Maddox's fatal trip, to determine what happened, and hence prove that Maddox was not responsible for the loss of the Lunar Module. Colonel Foster's incoming Lunar Module is detected by S.H.A.D.O. HQ at galactic latitude: 43.17, longitude: 14.53 (Moonbase operations area). The programmed angle of attack into Earth's atmosphere should be 5.73 degrees, but once again the Alien diversion device takes the angle to just over 4 degrees (from vertical), but at the last moment, Colonel Foster manages to recover the Lunar Module and adjust the angle for a successful re-entry. Later, Commander Straker and Colonel Foster make an educated guess that the alien device is hiding itself amongst space debris in Earth's orbit to attack incoming Moonbase flights...

UFO Episode #06: Conflict

UFO Episode #7: "The Dalotek Affair"
The Alien Radio Communications Jamming Device in Crater 236

In the Moonbase Control Sphere, Lieutenant Nina Barry informs Colonel Paul Foster that three UFO's have been detected fast approaching the Moon, but as they make their approach, they suddenly divert back the way they came. Shortly afterwards, a meteorite is detected approaching the Moon (ETT area: 017-212), and it is determined that it could strike almost on top of the new Dalotek Corporation installation. The three Dalotek personnel are out on the Moon's surface as the meteorite (estimated 900 kgs) hits the Moon's surface just 200 meters from their Dalotek base which is also 50km (31.07 miles) from S.H.A.D.O. Moonbase.  

Initially, Colonel Foster suspects the Dalotek Geoscanner equipment as the reason for the communications blackout: it is certainly powerful enough. Shortly afterwards, a S.H.A.D.O. Lunar Module is destroyed whilst attempting to make a Moonbase landing, as as result of their control and communications link breaking down once again. However, sometime later whilst out on the Moon's surface, one of the Dalotek team (Mark Tanner) discovers an unnusual device in the base of the new crater (Crater 236). Later, he and his two colleagues return to view the device in the crater. Once they return to their installation, Tanner informs Colonel Foster - via a newly installed landline cable link - at Moonbase about the device: Colonel Foster assures Tanner it is nothing to do with him or his organisation. Shortly afterwards, Colonel Foster sends a Moonmobile off to destroy the device in Crater 236; whilst at the same time a UFO is once again detected, and the Moonbase Interceptors are sent to destroy it. But, once again the communications link (and the backup emergency link) are broken...

UFO Episode #07: The Dalotek Affair

UFO Episode #8: "A Question of Priorities"
The UFO Alien Escape Capsule

The alien escape capsule - shown only in this episode - allows the alien/s to escape from their UFO prior to a potential crash or other incident.

UFO Episode #08: A Question of Priorities

UFO Episode #8: "A Question of Priorities"
The Alien transmitting device

The Alien transmitting device transmits at an estimated 1500MW and was tuned directly into S.H.A.D.O.'s main frequency waveband. Lieutenant Ford detected it, and notified Colonel Freeman who then informed Commander Straker. Location: Ireland; the west coast.

UFO Episode #08: A Question of Priorities

UFO Episode #17: "Sub-Smash"
The Alien underwater/airborne weapon

A new menace appears from outer space; a UFO that can travel underwater and remain there long enough to be a threat to shipping. In this case the incident happens in the South Atlantic area: about 400 miles south of St. Helena. Commander Straker orders a systematic search of the area in which the freighter Atlantica (based out of Penarth: Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) had been sunk, and then he and Colonel Foster join SkyDiver to lead the search. Commander Straker orders the best possible sub-crew and to be aboard as soon as possible. Lt. Nina Barry is one of the crew, having switched from Moonbase Control duties to do similar work in SkyDiver.

Once in the area, SkyDiver switches to sea-skim mode as the search is being made. Then, Lt. Barry picks up a sonar echo and judges it to be a fast-moving metallic object. SkyDiver crash dives, but it is not long before Nina picks up echoes of an underwater craft ahead of them. Then the craft disappears from her screen. SkyDiver, still in search mode rocks violently as it is hit by blasts from the alien craft and is badly damaged. Captain Waterman manages to launch Sky One and once airborne manages to destroy the alien craft that has made surface and is flying in amongst the clouds. Captain Waterman calls S.H.A.D.O. HQ to set in motion efforts to rescue the stricken submarine. Diver sinks further and eventually lies at an awkward angle on rocky ledge. The situation is desperate: at SkyDiver's awkward angle and depth it seems impossible to reach. Commander Straker gives instructions for members of the crew to be evacuated through the escape hatch, but it jams and Nina in the crash-dive flood-tube is trapped. Is there any possible way out of all this?

UFO Episode #17: Sub-Smash

UFO Episode #23: "Reflections In The Water"
The Alien 'Flying Fish' weapon

Somewhere in the Atlantic, the freighter 'Kingston' is destroyed and then sunk by a mysterious object in the shape of a "flying fish" - the Captain of the ship just has time to report what has happened: Quote "Under attack... from submarine... airborne missile... like flying fish... ". Floating debris from the ship and a lifebuoy are all that is left. In the far distance, a volcanic island starts to come into view.

UFO Episode #23: Reflections In The Water

UFO Episode #23: "Reflections In The Water"
The Alien Underwater Dome

Commander Straker and Colonel Foster find themselves in a strange underwater double-world in which they come face to face with their own apparent twins. The SkyDiver Captain and crew investigate the area, and they find an underwater cable which the UFO was using as a power source. Shortly after, they discover a huge Underwater Dome. Commander Straker and Colonel Foster decide to board SkyDiver to further the investigation. They approach the Underwater Dome, but find it impossible to enter. Clearing a section of the outer coating, they look in and to their amazement see Lt. Anderson inside. Yet when they return to S.H.A.D.O. HQ, they find Lt. Anderson already there. He denies any knowledge of the dome but, as a precaution, he is put under detention while Straker and Foster go back again to investigate the mysterious dome more closely. A watch has been kept on the Alien Dome all the time by SkyDiver.

Commander Straker and Colonel Foster return to the area that locates the Alien Underwater Dome. This time, when they lean against it, they suddenly find themselves on the inside as the Dome automatically re-seals itself. Beginning their search, they go separate ways. Investigating still further, they make another astonishing discovery. As they go through a door, they find themselves in an identical replica of S.H.A.D.O. Control, and doubles of all the S.H.A.D.O. Control staff appear. When they overhear instructions being given to Moonbase to allow the missed UFO's through without interception, the truth dawns on them. Aliens have hit on a plan to fool Moonbase into believing that instructions are coming from the real S.H.A.D.O. Control. There is little time to spare. The SkyDiver crew have been told to destroy the Alien Underwater Dome if Straker and Foster have not returned in an hour: and the hour is almost up . . .

UFO Episode #23: Reflections In The Water